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Are you looking for drone training?

Unmanned Vehicle University offers individual drone training, group drone training from moving vehicles, professional certificate program, and masters and doctorate degrees in unmanned systems engineering.

Drone video systems have over 300 identified uses in a number of industrys. Aerial cinematography, mapping and surveying, search and rescue, precision agriculture, disaster management, public safety, and much more.

Unmanned Vehicle University offers a perfect opportunity to improve your skills in your field of interest by introducing a variety of concepts, techniques, and hands-on training. Learn how drones can elevate your business!

Drone pilot training with hands-on experience

No college degree or prior experience is required. The UAV Pilot Training Program offers a total of 42 hours of training spanning across 3 phases. 7 expert flight instructors are available to teach you everything you need to know.

Drone moving vehicle operations training with hands-on experience

This comprehensive, scenario based, hands on flight training program trains personnel to become team members to accomplish a variety of UAV data acquisition tasks to perform at peak performance with the highest safety.

Professional Certificate

In this course, you will learn the theory of design and construct a small UAV using a series of labs. Courses include UAV fundamentals, an introduction to systems engineering, UAV design and construction, flight testing and evaluation, and more.

Masters and Doctorate degrees in systems engineering

These specialized degrees focuses on unmanned systems engineering and program/project management. The curriculum includes architecture, development, modeling & simulation, analysis, integration, as well as test and management of complex systems and processes.