DJI Zenmuse H20T SP Camera/Shield Basic

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Enjoy peace of mind with the Enterprise Shield Basic Protection Plan for Zenmuse H20T from DJI. The Zenmuse H20T is an extremely integral component of your drone, and is likely something that your business or occupation can't be without for extended periods of time. This protection plan from DJI is designed to replace your Zenmuse H20T in case of accidental damage. DJI charges a fee per replacement and you get up to two replacements per year. Each replacement is shipped free via local freight, and below are the types of damage that are covered by this plan.

Types of Damage Covered

With Enterprise Shield Basic, DJI will replace your Zenmuse H20T due to any one of the following causes:

  • User/Pilot Error
  • Signal Interference
  • Collision
  • Water Damage
  • Drop Damage

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